Wood products - sawn timber, constructional timber

Finishing wood - indoor decoration planks, outdoor planks, floorboards.

Profile LN
Profile: LN - smooth surface, LNS - rought surface.
Profile LR
Profile: LR - smooth surface, LRS - rought surface.
Profile VV
Profile: VV - smooth surface, VVS - rought surface.
Profile LV
Profile: LV - smooth surface, LVS - rought surface.
Profile LL
Profile: LL - smooth surface, LLS - rought surface.
Profile GR
Profile: GR - smooth surface.
Profile LE
Profile: LE - smooth surface, LES - rought surface.
Profile VLG
Profile: VLG - smooth surface.
Profile GRA
Profile: GRA - smooth surface.
Profile LP
Profile: LP - smooth surface.
Profile VU
Profile: VU - smooth surface, VUS - rought surface.
Profile TR
Profile: TR - smooth surface.

Sawn timber, constructional timber - wall elements, beams, rafters, struts, wood blanks.

Profiled timber
Profiled timber.
Wall elements
Profiled timber.
Planned timber
Planned timber.
Sawn timber
Sawn timber.

Wood is the oldest natural material used by human beings for building purposes. It has unique inherent characteristics providing sense of comfort and naturalness !

The tree is a plant that has been serving the needs of human beings for thousands of years. Wood is the most loved and reliable material. Wood products are known for their mechanical strength, low weight, low thermal conductivity and use for decoration purposes. So, wood has been irreplaceable so far, and it is a relatively cheap material suitable for home environment. Wood incorporated in the interior not only functions as building material, but also brings warmth and natural beauty.
Cold continental climate with prevailing northern wind directions creates a special natural conditions an array of forest development in the northern regions of Russia. In harsh conditions the tree grows more slowly and thus has more tree-rings. All this make very strong influence for excellent northern wood physical - mechanical features:
• high density (about 20% higher than the tree’s which grows in more favorable climatic conditions);
• conditionally higher strength features;
• the low number of dry (dead) branches;
• fine-layering (dense tree-rings show short annual vegetation season);
• in cold period prepared wood raw material does not became blue color has higher resistance for decay processes or fungal effect;
• less cracking wood blanks at the time of drying process;
• easier mechanical processing;
• resistance to environmental effect -for humidity, temperature fluctuations;
• the durability (due to the short vegetation period wood structure is more integral and resin flowing through the narrow channels create the perfect wood protection).
In summary it can be concluded: the northern wood less “walks”, paint lasts longer and better on the surface of the wood, the wood is resistant to rot, mold and various wood pests. Surely this wood will always have and the better marketable appearance!

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